Orange Watch: Syracuse football secrecy a curiosity

ITEM: The SU football team will make its public debut this spring on Saturday in… Rochester?

Let’s see now, Doug Marrone’s program hasn’t won a game since Oct. 21, 2011.

The five Dome dates this fall make up one of the least attractive offerings in recent memory.

The out-of-conference schedule is the toughest in the nation, and based on the little we do know since the end of last season combined with that schedule, it’s a long road to bowl eligibility.

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Now, after deciding that the best way to totally concentrate on getting the team’s foundation back on a winning track this spring is by essentially going into a bunker mentality mode, the fourth year boss wants minimal distractions and interaction with the media and fans.

That management style is better understood if the end result leads to the kind of success on the field that Orange Nation has been clamoring for.  But why send your core base of fans some 75 miles down the Thruway Saturday when the only other chance to get a public peek is the annual spring game in the Dome on April 21?

It’s one thing if there were more open practices, but with only two dates it doesn’t make sense.

We don’t need to know trade secrets, but in the end it is entertainment.  Orange football fans deserve a little more opportunity to show the team some love and support going into what’s going to be a challenging season.

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