Week in review (5/1): Fan reaction to SU’s win over Irish

Here’s what’s being said about Syracuse’s 11-8 win over Notre Dame on Saturday.

Lacrosse team losing to the ‘Cuse … | Irish Illustrated

A lot of factors could be argued regarding the outcome of this game …
(1) Syracuse was coming off a recent loss and drop out of the #1 ranking … that had to make them play harder;
(2) ND may have became a bit complacent … they’ve come back from being behind several times this year, why not again tonight.
(3) The crowd … that had to be a huge crowd in the carrier dome … unlike in a final 4 atmosphere, this crowd was predominantly Orange.

Hope this loss wakes ND up the way it did to Syracuse, and they dismantle NC next Fri. And win the National Championship later in May

Just got back from the Dome | SyracuseFan.com

Our offense was beautiful tonight (compared to the gawd awful execution we had to deal with a couple weeks ago). The guys were forcing the action, imposing their will on the man-zone-slide thing ND plays. The ball movement was exceptional and really created some nice gaps in the coverage, resulting in a big game from our trusty Canadian superhero, Stephen Keogh. His between the leg shot was so unbelievable that the crowd had to see the replay to be sure it really happened. There was a collective gasp and cheer when we saw it in slo-mo. I missed the alley-oop goal live but saw it on the tube at the concession stand. Not even sure who scored it, but that was another of those “did I just see that” moments. A true testament to the unselfishness we displayed tonight. Marasco, Palasek, and Thompson had some nice dodges and feeds.

Hat’s off | The Post-Standard

My hat’s off to both these teams for producing the first enjoyable lacrosse game I’ve seen this year… and, thank you Notre Dame for actually playing the game the way it was meant to be played… no slow-down offense and no zone… and, it’s great to see SU peaking just in time for the tournament!! SWEET!! GO SU!!!

Notre Dame Lax | ESPN

Well, ND started off with a 2-0 lead and it was down hill from there. I missed a big chunk of the match with other obligations, but when I checked late in the match ND was trailing 9-5. I haven’t seen the final score. I think the crowd had a lot to do with the momentum of the match, and the PNU announcers were definitely pro-Orange when I was watching. I do like your cat and mouse analogy, though.

No. 4 Syracuse Orange (12-1) vs. No. 1 Notre Dame Fightin’ Irish (10-0) GameThread | NunesMagician.com

Big win for the Orange. 13-1, five wins v. top 10 teams, probably the #1 seed in the NCAA tourney. We also are starting to win face-offs and our 2nd line middies are scoring and playing well. How sweet it is to be an Orange LAX fan right now!

That’s all for this week, folks. See you at the same time, same place next week.


Wesley Cheng
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